Bitnami-Redmine-2.6.0 Installation Bug

19 Dec

Hello guys. I’ll tell you how to work around a bug I encountered during the installation Bitnami-Redmine-2.6.0

In the last phase of the installation progress you’ll see that the message “Installing gems, please be patient” won’t disappear for a long time. Indeed it won’t for eternity. There’s no need to be patient.

Open  “%TEMP%\bitrock_installer_7860.log” file. The number of the file can be different on your PC. In the end of the file you’ll see the line “Waiting Subversion to start”.

Open the file “C:\Bitnami\redmine-2.6.0-2\subversion\scripts\serviceinstall.bat” and replace each slash by a backslash.

You’ll see that your installation will continue.

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