Redmine E-mail Configuration for Gmail on Windows

19 Dec

Hello again.

In this post I’ll try to help you on setting the e-mail configuration for Gmail on Windows operating system.

The redmine version I’m using is 2.5.2-3

  1. Open the yml file “C:\Bitnami\redmine-2.5.2-3\apps\redmine\htdocs\config\configuration”. The path may be different depending on where you installed the redmine stack
  2. Right below the comment “# default configuration options for all environments” enter the following lines:


# Outgoing emails configuration (see examples above)


delivery_method: :smtp


enable_starttls_auto: true

address: “”

port: 587

domain: “”

authentication: :login

user_name: “”

password: “xxxxxxxx”

One important thing to notice is “Do not use tabs while typing the lines above!”  Otherwise your thinclient will not run. If you use Notepad++ while editing you’ll notice that if you use tabs the text will appear in red. If you use space it will appear in blue which means you typed it correctly.

  1. Save and close the file
  2. Open the application “C:\Bitnami\redmine-2.5.2-3\manager-windows” and click on the “Manage Servers” tab. Click on “Restart All”

There you go. You can now test it on your redmine application.

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